NG Chandran Charities is an NGO based out of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India with the vision of ‘Prana- Life n Living’. It was launched in 2019 with the mission to prevent suicides, develop competent professionals for working with disadvantaged segments, address environmental issues, provide financial assistance for education and health and conduct research studies in relieving human suffering amongst others. Its associate organisation, Nitya Gurukula (NG) is a Holistic People Work Service Institute (2006) that provides counselling, training, workshops, and supervisions using Transactional Analysis and Tai Chi to individuals, groups, and organisations. Using diverse and rich experiences of NG resources, NG Chandran Charities looks to make a difference in the lives of socioeconomically disadvantaged and raise public consciousness about health, environment, and education.

ND Prana Lifeline