ND Prana Lifeline – Life & Living, Every Life Matters

It is termed the ND ‘Lifeline’ and not ‘helpline’, to invite focus and attention on life and not merely on helping. NG CC’s association with the International Association of Suicide Prevention (IASP), an international governing body for Suicide Prevention, under World Health Organization (WHO), is intended to bring scientific rigor and global flavour to its services.

NG CC Services for Prana: Life & Living

Raising & Expanding consciousness on Holistic Health thru seminars, Webinars, Workshops, Role modelling

Dharmic existence & subsistence essence of NG People work
Raising & Expanding consciousness on…
Training & Supervising competent professionals for working with the disadvantage
Training & Supervising compe…
Crisis Resolutions & suicide Prevention

Honing “evidence based strategies to address the risk of suicide" (Patelo 2018), relevant to the Indian ethos & background.
Crisis Resolutions & suicide Preven…
Research & Studies for upliftment & value edition to Holistic Health
Research & Studies for upliftment & va…
Prana – Life n Living
Prana – Life n Living
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Psycho-social interventions for healing – holistic, objective, founded on science
NG Quality integrates dharmic approach of Non-Violence & Self-Other-Environment balance