ND Prana Lifeline – Life & Living, Every Life Matters

NG CC Services for Prana: Life & Living

Raising & Expanding consciousness on Holistic Health thru seminars, Webinars, Workshops, Role modelling

Dharmic existence & subsistence essence of NG People work
Raising & Expanding consciousness on…
Training & Supervising competent professionals for working with the disadvantage
Training & Supervising compe…
Crisis Resolutions & suicide Prevention

Honing “evidence based strategies. To address the risk of suicide’ (Patelo 2018), relevant to the Indian ethos & background.
Crisis Resolutions & suicide Preven…
Research & Studies for upliftment & value edition to Holistic Health
Research & Studies for upliftment & va…
Prana – Life n Living
Prana – Life n Living
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Psycho-social interventions for healing – holistic, objective, founded on science
NG Quality integrates dharmic approach of Non-Violence & Self-Other-Environment balance

ND Prana Lifeline